Hi! I'm Shannon Bentley,
your friendly software engineer

I created theGlamTechie to showcase my proficiency in programming languages and to inspire other beginners to pursue a career in tech. Through my portfolio, I hope to impress future employers with my skills and dedication to software engineering. Each project is a testament to my ability to learn and apply new technologies. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to expand my knowledge and contribute to the tech community.



React && Typescript E-Commerce Application

In my last e-commerce project, I went through significant errors that were unnoticeable. To rectify the intricacies that I faced, I redid this project using React and Typescript to ensure that each step that I code improves my editor support and catches mistakes before any runtime for testing. This project features adding items to cart, incrementing/decrementing items, removing items and a cart summary on an offcanvas component that shows the price, total, and # of items in the cart. In the future, I want to add authentication, payment processes, and other backend features that will improve the project's complexity.

  • React
  • TypeScript

JavaScript && BootStrap E-Commerce Website

I created The Teachers' Club, an e-commerce website that sells teacher apparel, as my first deployed website. The website uses JavaScript functions to increment/decrement items, remove items, and hold items in a basket when the page refreshes. While I recognize that there is potential for improvement, such as adding an authentication for login users/repeat customers and a payment feature, I am proud of what I accomplished with just 9 months of coding experience. I am currently revamping the project using JavaScript and React to make the website more responsive and efficient.

  • JavaScript
  • BootStrap


I've worked with primarily frontend development MERN stack and web development fundamentals. I am currently acquiring more skills in Python and other backend languages.

  • Front-End

    Experience with
    HTML | CSS | JavaScript | React

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Python | Node

  • Databases

    Experience with
    SQL | MongoDB

About Me

As a Help Desk Support Specialist passionate about technology, I continuously learn about the industry's intricacies. My coding boot camp and self-motivation have enabled me to acquire HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. I am expanding my MERN stack knowledge along with Python, SQL databases, data structures & algorithms, and the software development life cycle.

My interest in software engineering extends to cybersecurity, and I am exploring opportunities in this area to understand how software can be developed and secured to mitigate potential cyber threats. By combining my knowledge of software engineering with cybersecurity, I aim to create innovative and secure applications that will benefit both users and organizations.

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